We've just founded the

game experience lab

The lab joins researchers and PhD students investigating the experience of digital games,

both as an individual and social phenomenon



Yvonne de Kort, PhD, MSc 
Associate professor Environmental Psychology
Eindhoven University of Technology 
Technology Management
Human Technology Interaction (HTI)
PO Box 513 
The Netherlands

E-mail Y.A.W.d.Kort@tue.nl


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Teaching activities


I'm currently teaching 4 courses in the Human Technology Interaction masters programme:


HTI Design Trajectory (0P482 & 0P492)

 (9 ECTS & 9 ECTS)


Capita Selecta of Environment and Behaviour, (0P500)

(3 ECTS) Includes the themes: restorative environments, environmental simulations, wayfinding and cognitive mapping


Psychology of Light (0PM20)

(3 ECTS)


And guide group projects for:

MGO 3: project (0AA90)

(10 ECTS)

M.Sc. thesis research projects (OP936)

 (40 ECTS)

HTI research project (0P405)

(10 ECTS)